Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Precious Peas of the Podcast

My son, just before we left the hospital after my second birth.

This week was a very exciting and busy one; we launched the first ever Irish Parenting Bloggers podcast, which features a mixture of live conversation and pre recorded blogpost from writers around the theme of Birthing in Ireland. We drew from vastly different experiences, from home births to c-sections, midwife to consultant led care, the most positive, joyful experiences to the nightmarish ones. We chatted about the common perceptions in Ireland today surrounding pregnant women, and whether they are being given full autonomy over their labour experience. We discussed Aja Teehan and her challenging the High Court in a bid to be able to birth her baby at home; we also talked about the 42weeks campaign, which is about giving women unbiased information about all things birthing.

I am so grateful for the brave bloggers who gave their time and wisdom to creating this pilot, and who were so patient with this podcasting novice in getting the project off the ground.
Ciara Mac Donnell from described her two births as being completely different, and urges every woman to listen to and trust her instincts when the time comes to bring your baby into the world.
Laura Murray from gave an honest account of her poor treatment in a maternity hospital, and states that she is "still not healed" after the lack of care that was shown to her during her labour. She points out very big issues that currently exist in the prenatal care given to women.
Sylda Dwyer from and Tracey Holsgrove from joined me for a live conversation about women rights when birthing in Ireland. They gave accounts of their personal experiences and insights into what change is needed in the Irish maternity system.

This was such an informative experience, and a huge learning curve in terms of producing audio material for public consumption. Huge love to my husband who patiently sat for hours trying to figure the technical side out for us.
It also helped me on a personal level in coming to terms with my own negative birthing experience, which happened only six months ago. Connecting with other mothers and having an honest conversation about their experience helped me realize that I was not alone in my disappointment and shock at how labour went for me this time around.

Because this was a first attempt, we would love feedback on what you thought of the podcast; length, content, sound, you name it, we want to know! Drop us a line at of you have any ideas for us.
Enjoy listening to our podcast here:


  1. I don't know how I have been missing your blog posts recently! I've a lot to catch up on! I need to investigate all of the above.

    1. Oh I know I'm terrible at keeping up myself!Thanks for reading